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Hello, my name is Esteban!

I am a problem solver with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding of how complex systems work to turn them into excellent and reliable solutions.

Q: What's one thing you won't learn from my bio?

I keep myself in shape by playing Beat Saber on Virtual Reality. Someday I’ll build a farming simulator for VR that brings back the childhood memories of helping my grandparents with their farm during summer vacations.

I’ve always been a reserved person who doesn’t go out much, and in the process of keeping myself busy, I learned to develop websites and integrate 3rd party systems onto workflows before finishing high school. It was interesting to go to college and help the other students who were new to programming alongside the teachers. Over the course of my first decade of professional experience, I learned that being able to communicate a requirement or an approach clearly is just as important as the work that needs to be done to achieve it. Constructive has helped me polish my skills with many interesting and challenging projects, which have grown both me and the company itself. I’m honored to be part of this team and continue proving to myself that growth is a constant and not just a step in the direction of success.

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