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Hi, I'm Kate.

I’m the Business Development and Content Marketing Manager at Constructive.

Q: What's one thing you won't learn from my bio?

I met my husband on a subway platform after my MetroCard wouldn't swipe, he let me through the emergency exit gate, and we both got $80 transit violations.

Kate brings over a decade of experience working in both fundraising and communications experience in the nonprofit and higher-education sectors with an emphasis on marketing and outreach. She also brings a deep understanding of the digital space, having recently completed her MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts, where she studied how brand experiences are created online through human-centered design methods. As a Project Manager with Constructive, Kate combines this expertise to make sure that engagements are fundamentally sound and focused on client success. Kate holds a BA in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and currently serves on the Communications Committee of the Restorative Justice Initiative.

A Diversity of Perspectives

Different perspectives are a powerful force for positive change. They’re also absolutely necessary if we’re going to overcome complex challenges that affect people in different ways. We bring a variety of backgrounds, histories, and points of view to every relationship—offering our clients and partners a wider range of ideas and options as a result.

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