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Hello, I'm Rob.

I’m the Technical Lead at Constructive. I make sure that all of our digital products, and the tools we use to build them, are up to snuff.

Q: What's one thing you won't learn from my bio?

In my past life I was a touring musician living in Europe.

Rob Gordon is a self-taught, full-stack web developer. He has 7 years of experience working with clients to plan, build, and maintain websites that meet a diverse set of needs. He has worked across many sectors一from clients in public health and education, to clients in the service and culture industries. He’s comfortable in many programming languages but spends most of his day in the languages of the internet: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. He gets along with most Content Management Systems, but has a deep understanding of WordPress. He also has a secret passion for machine learning and data science. His motivation to continue learning, creating, and building websites is driven by the belief that digital products can help promote a better, more equal society.

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