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Designing for Online Engagement: How to Build a Better Site with Brand Strategy

Does your organization’s website paint an accurate picture of who you are, what you do, and the values you stand for? Available to nearly anyone at anytime, websites play a pivotal role in how effectively nonprofits are engaging audiences and turning that engagement into action. Could yours be doing a better job helping advance your mission?

We teamed up with ComNet for a webinar to teach you how your organization can deliver a more engaging, mission-driven brand experience online. Led by Constructive’s Founder & Executive Director Matt Schwartz, we explore strategies and practical techniques to integrate your organizational strategy into the digital design process—aligning your website’s structure, content, design, and features.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The foundation of an effective brand strategy framework.
  • How social impact brands create and deliver brand value.
  • How design translates brand value into tangible experiences.
  • How to frame website discussions and decisions within a brand strategy.
  • Workshop activities for designing brand experience.


Engage, Persuade, Motivate! Maximizing Impact With Digital Content

Today’s digital landscape is crippling our ability to focus, with people’s average attention span now shorter than a goldfish’s. We also spend over 10 hours a day consuming content from digital screens. Add it up, and our understanding of the world and our connections to it are significantly shaped online while our ability to process and put information to good use are increasingly diminished. In this environment, organizations who publish content online to help make change happen in the real world face significant challenges. How do they build meaningful relationships with audiences, broaden people’s perspective and deepen understanding to increase the impact of their work? And how must they think differently about the ways they produce and publish content?

Matthew Schwartz (Founder & Director of Strategy) and Senongo Akpem (Design Director) of social change design agency, Constructive, you’ll gain insights into strategies and techniques that will transform how your organization produces and delivers content online—and turn your website visitors into readers and website visits into journeys.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The principles of content-centric design
  • Design’s role in increasing credibility and persuasion
  • How to organize & present content for greater clarity
  • How to create greater context & deeper meaning for audiences
  • How to deliver memorable takeaways and encourage longer reads
  • How to produce flexible content that can be reused across channels

Watch the replay below:

Nonprofit Branding in the Digital Age

You work at a foundation or a nonprofit. At many orgs, this belief persists: we don’t have a brand, we have a mission! Yeah, ok. That’s true. Now, let’s be real, your organization has a brand.

And that’s a good thing. Here’s why—unlike most for-profit companies, your org’s brand is about bold ideas aimed at doing good. And for virtually every foundation and nonprofit, your website connects audiences to what you stand for, what you do, the impact you have, and most importantly, why it all matters.

But too often, organizations with incredibly inspiring missions have sites that leave audiences more confused than committed, and more exhausted than energized. For social change organizations, it’s time to think beyond transactional websites.

This Communications Network webinar is led by Matthew Schwartz, Founder and Director of Strategy at social change brand strategy and experience design firm Constructive. We’re going to explore how to cultivate and build an enduring strategy to advance your brand online, which will help you advance your mission and achieve the magic word: Impact.

You’ll learn:

  • How to translate organizational strategy into impactful online brand experiences
  • How to increase engagement and shared learning across long-term digital projects
  • What the four core strategies are to every website, and the roles they play
  • How brand strategy improves the website design and development process

Watch the replay below:

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