world cocoa foundation annual report and data visualization

World Cocoa Foundation Branding & Communications Design

Seeking to more effectively communicate their leadership and progress on cocoa sustainability with members and the broader sector, World Cocoa Foundation sought help focusing their messaging and redesigning their branding and communications across every channel.

Brand Stratgy & Visual Identity Design

Our rebranding process began with brand strategy workshops to learn about the key issues, WCF’s mission, and the roles the organization plays. Brand messaging, a strong visual identity, and brand guidelines visually and verbally communicate WCF’s leadership and impact working across the private and public sectors.

World Cocoa Foundation Brand Handbook
World Cocoa Foundation Brand Guidelines Logo
World Cocoa Foundation Brand Color and typography system
World Cocoa Foundation Brand Handbook Data Visualization

Collateral & Communications Design

WCF’s logo and identity design are built on a strong iconographic mark, classic typography, and colors that evoke the richness of cocoa and the vitality of agriculture. Communications design, from stationery to program collateral, support partner engagement with diverse stakeholders in business, government, and NGOs.

World Cocoa Foundation's rebranding repositioned the nonprofit, transforming how they communicate with key stakeholders, support local communities, and work together to help ensure cocoa sustainability for generations to come.

Our Client's Take

“Constructive’s work expanding and improving our communications has made an immediate impact—not just with our members and partners, but internally as well. We now project as the influential global organization we are. What stood out immediately is how well they embraced understanding our programs and our mission; then translated it into design and messaging that really differentiate us.”
Bill Guyton, President