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Rhodium Group

Improving Policy by Elevating Global Economic Research

Rhodium Group is a leading, independent research firm that combines economic data and policy expertise to provide insights into global trends for governments, businesses, and the NGO sector. Looking to rethink their digital strategy, Rhodium’s leadership asked Constructive to refresh their brand identity and create a new website that would highlight the firm’s expertise and methodology, make their sought-after research reports more accessible, and deliver high-impact insights to a wider audience of leaders across the private and public sectors.

What We Did

1 Logo & Identity Design
2 Digital Strategy
3 Information Architecture
4 Website Design & Development
5 Data Visualization
6 Knowledge Communications
Research & Discovery

We want to unite our quantitative rigor and qualitative expertise.

Rhodium Group publishes a wide spectrum of research—from books, research reports, and notes to interactive data visualization—spanning six sectors of the economy. During strategic discovery, they let us know that, in addition to elevating the quantitative attributes of their data-driven methodology, they wanted their brand and website to strengthen the important intangible aspects of who they are: an insightful, independent agency that delivers high-value, actionable analysis for influential audiences. We used these core brand attributes to inform our thinking and guide our work throughout the project.

Visual Identity

How can visual identity strengthen data-driven communications?

We redesigned Rhodium Group’s visual identity around a new system of typefaces and colors ideally suited to producing long-form research and complex data visualizations. For type, we went with a combination of Fira Sans and Freight Text Pro; the former because its condensed design and diversity of weights make it perfect for large headlines and smaller spaces in data visualizations, and the latter for its traditional design and legibility for Rhodium’s long-form content. The core brand color, “Rhodium Blue,” presents a trusted brand for economic insights, while an extended palette of vibrant colors gives Rhodium the system it needs to produce high-impact data visualizations.



Color Palette

Information Architecture

How can we give audiences multiple ways to engage with our research?

Two of Rhodium Group’s top priorities for its website were to raise awareness of its leading global economic and policy research beyond the agency’s core audience and to create greater impact by making its work more accessible and insightful. Through a collaborative prototyping process, we partnered with Rhodium’s leadership, exploring design systems for content-rich websites to give audiences multiple ways to access Rhodium’s research. The result is a site structure and user experience with practice area hubs and filterable content tools that make it easy for audiences to find the research they’re interested in.

Website Design & Development

How can our design represent global economic systems?

To build a shared vision through our visual design process, we produced concept boards that gave Rhodium’s team different design concepts to evaluate. The resulting design system features transparent, layered color overlays that communicate Rhodium’s ability to see through complex data and trends. Animated numbers and currency symbols that demonstrate the agency’s expertise in providing research into ever-changing economies. And structural photos of environments ground Rhodium’s work in global economic systems in the real world.

Rhodium Group’s website unites issue area deep expertise, research publications, and robust data visualization tools to deliver engaging, informative, and valuable brand experiences.

Research Communications

Our research communications need to really shine.

A core part of Rhodium’s business and value to its clients and the media is the firm’s highly sought-after research reports. As part of our communications redesign, we first created a flexible template system with a variety of editorial layouts and suite of data visualization styles that make it easy for Rhodium’s research experts to produce long-form research reports. We then designed a suite of presentation templates that add polish and precision to Rhodium’s client and industry events. And to keep audiences connected and up-to-date, we created a newsletter to deliver the latest research and news to Rhodium’s clients.

Rhodium Group’s new communication design system provides the clarity and flexibility needed for their data-driven research to take center stage online, in print, and in person.

Our Client's Experience

“Constructive is a great partner, both as our branding and website design agency and in working with us on complex data visualization projects. Their willingness to dive deep into the content and context of our work stands out—and it shows in the effectiveness of their work.”

Trevor Houser, Partner, Rhodium Group
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