Climate Impact Lab Website Design Data Visualization Tool

Climate Impact Lab Branding, Website & Data Visualization Tool

The Climate Impact Lab is an unprecedented collaboration of climate scientists, economists, and data engineers. For release of its first major research project, The Lab asked Constructive to help develop its brand, website, and an interactive tool to make the case for how climate change will increase poverty and inequality worldwide.

Logo & Visual Branding System

While our digital team performed discovery to better understand The Climate Impact Lab’s research and to develop strategy for a public-facing website and data tool, our design team collaborated with The Lab to create a vibrant logo and identity design system. The result reflects the brand’s focus on synthesizing global climate data to provide objective, big-picture insights to expert audiences around the world.

Data Design & Information Architecture

We partnered with The Lab’s data science team to structure and translate global climate change data generated in a statistics engine built on The R Project and Python, a statistics engine, into a fast-loading interactive tool using D3, Mapshaper and TopoJSON. We then united branding, content, and data into an engaging experience to share a clear narrative, facilitate issue and research exploration, and deliver objective global climate data.

Climate Data Information Design

Accessible Data Visualization Design

Successfully evaluating detailed data often requires being able to distinguish between highly nuanced differences. Given that nearly 5% of the world’s population is color blind (almost 8% of men), we tested and refined brand color systems to ensure that data visualizations such as pattern-driven chloropleth maps are accessible to audiences with any of the eight major types of color blindness.

The Climate Impact Lab's website unites deep issue area expertise, digital research publications, and robust data visualization tool to deliver a brand experience that's equally engaging, informative, and useful.
Climate Impact Lab Nonprofit Org Design
Climate Change Digital Publication Design
Data Visualization Tool Design

The signature feature of The Climate Impact Lab is the organization’s Climate Impact Map. A robust data visualization tool, the map gives audiences the ability to visually explore The Lab’s landmark research on climate change and economic impact, both globally and within the United States, through various lenses and timescales.

Climate Impact Data Visualization Tool Design

Responsive Design

Responsive design for The Climate Impact Lab’s website does more than just make sure that mobile audiences can easily access the organization’s content and enjoy a great reading experience. It also adapts The Climate Impact Map to effectively deliver interactive data visualization on smaller screens.