Regulatory Assistance Project Website

Dedicated to accelerating the global transition to a clean, reliable, and efficient energy future, The Regulatory Assistance Project asked Constructive to rethink their digital strategy and website to tackle the enormous political and technical challenges in retooling the power sector in the world’s four largest markets.

RAP Website Homepage Nonprofit Design
Energy Efficiency Nonprofit Website Design
RAP's website delivers a clean, contemporary experience that encourages audiences to explore, region, topic, and expert; and provides advanced, faceted search and filtering that makes it easy to quickly find content.
RAP China energy efficiency nonprofit
RAP energy efficiency nonprofit program page

Responsive Design

Like most modern websites, RAP’s is designed for the responsive web: flexible to meet the demands of different devices and screen sizes. We designed custom page layouts for the website’s many templates that reformat content and optimize the site experience for audiences on mobile devices—adding special emphasis on the functionality of the website’s robust search and filtering tools.

Illustration & Iconography

As part of our brand identity refresh, we developed a suite of branded icon illustrations that help make the focus areas within the organization’s complex, sometimes abstract work more approachable to a wider audience. RAP’s brand iconography also provides visual cues that strengthen usability by quickly providing thematic context across the different website sections across the user experience.