New York Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB) Website Design

New York City Campaign Finance Board Website Design

The NYCCFB is one of the strongest, most effective government campaign finance agencies in the country. Faced with an aggressive timeline ahead of an upcoming election, they turned to Constructive to help them rethink how their website could connect the public with vital campaign finance information needed to meaningfully participate in the democratic process.

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NYCCFB needed a website that reflected their mission to provide open, transparent campaign finance and voting information for all New Yorkers, and which serves as inspiration for similar programs across the country.
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Responsive Design

Responsive design for NYCCFB’s website achieves a critical organizational goal of ensuring accessibility, delivering an effective user experience for mobile audiences looking for information on elections and money in politics. In-page navigation and well-structured page layouts make sure that content can be easily found and that users will never get lost on deeper pages within the site.

Website Style Guide & Visual Design Pattern Library

NYCCFB’s website is managed internally by their IT team, meaning that on a rapid timeline, we needed to make sure that design strategy was cleanly translated to online execution. We partnered closely with NYCCFB’s developers on weekly sprints throughout the process, then developed a design system to support consistent site expansion on handoff. NYCCFB’s website style guide and design pattern library helps reinforce consistency by documenting specifications for all recurring interactive elements.

Our Client's Take

“Providing information about voting and money in politics is central to our mission. Over years of growth, as our website's content expanded, it became increasingly difficult for our audience to find what they needed. Constructive helped us create a new website and user experience that helps us better serve New Yorkers. Their team listened closely and engaged us in a truly collaborative process, helping us refine our needs and think through challenges. The result is a first-rate site that puts a premium on helping voters meaningfully engage in the democratic process.”
Eric Friedman, Assistant Executive Director for Public Affairs