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Constitutional Accountability Center Branding & Website Design

Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC) is a think tank, law firm, and action center dedicated to fulfilling the progressive promise of our Constitution’s text and history. We partnered with CAC to create a new brand identity, digital home, and communications materials to help them lead the way during a time of great change in our nation’s history.

Content Strategy & UX Design

To strengthen their brand and advance their mission, our digital content strategy focused on placing CAC’s work within the greater social and cultural context. We also created distinct personas for CAC’s diverse audiences, from politicians and the news media to everyday Americans seeking context on how the Constitution affects their lives.

CAC ux design wireframes
A Modern Logo for a Mission Steeped in History

We worked with CAC’s team on rebranding the organization. They were looking for a new visual language that would serve as the visual foundation for both the website and the organization’s print and donation communications. We collaborated with CAC’s team to create a new logo based on the United States Supreme Court building, an image that embodies the promise and history of the Constitution.

CAC logo color and knock out versions
Visual Brand Guidelines & Communications

Along with the new mark, we created a digital and print design system to promote consistency and cohesion across all their digital and print communications.

CAC visual brand guidelines and communicationss
CAC web design home page full
CAC web design think tank hub full
Constitutional Accountability Center's website uses clear navigation and editorial design techniques to enhance legibility and create an inspiring experience that informs audiences about the role of our Constitution during a time of great change in our nation's history.
CAC web design timeline full
CAC web design basic page full

Engaging Insights on the Go

A crucial aspect of our digital strategy for CAC was making the wealth of research, advocacy work, and constitutional insights more accessible to all of their audiences. An emphasis on responsive, mobile-friendly design was therefore essential to ensuring that CAC’s content was equally user-friendly to those browsing from their smartphones.

Our Client's Take

“Most consultants I’ve worked with in my almost 10 years, provided very little value for the dollar, but Constructive provided a tangible set of products that helped us project the best of what we’re about. They are extremely thoughtful in their process, and brought visual expertise as well as a librarian’s sense of information, which shone through for us because of the volume of complex legal content on our site.”
Doug Pennington, Director of Communications