JDC Jewish Global Humanitatian Aid Nonprofit Branding

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Branding

As one of the largest global aid nonprofits serving those most in need, The JDC asked Constructive to help rebrand the organization, differentiate it as a leader in non-denominational humanitarian aid, and create much-needed consistency and cohesion across their regional offices around the world.

Logo Design

The JDC’s historic logo serves as its most visible calling card and a symbol of hope in communities around the world. However, the iconic mark was in need of a refresh to reflect a more modern organization. To retain the nonprofit’s brand equity, we developed a logotype to pair with the JDC’s existing mark, creating a more sophisticated logo that reproduces effectively in a range of usages and sizes.

Collateral Design

With multiple offices around the world, communications design strategy for the JDC was planned around use of a modular global color system that establishes regional color palettes. We designed a suite of stationery for the global aid nonprofit that gives each of its offices a unique identifier, while creating visual cohesion across the organization’s brand.

Communications Collateral Design

To support the individual needs of regional offices operating programs around the world, we designed a suite of collateral that build on JDC’s region-specific color palettes. Master templates give JDC’s offices in each country the tools needed to easily produce program communications that project their own unique identity, while remaining connected to the JDC master brand.