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Diversity & Gender Equity Nonprofit Website Design

Catalyst, the global leader in D&I research, programs, and services that strengthen diversity and inclusion in business, had recently completed development of a new strategic plan. With expansion into Japan and India, they asked Constructive to rethink their digital strategy. Top of their list of ambitious goals was to transform their website into a two-way platform to engage thousands of members around the world and a wider audience, from business leaders, HR professionals, D&I experts, and the media.

Before Redesign

A website failing to support its member community.

Catalyst’s existing website had thousands of pages filled with research and content. Unfortunately, these valuable insight’s were also difficult to access, undermining Catalyst’s thought leadership. Visually, the website failed to engage, was difficult to read, and didn’t reflect Catalyst’s position as the global leader in its field. And functionally, the website’s functionality fell far short of their goal to deliver value to Catalyst members.

Digital Strategy

How can we architect an experience to deliver greater value to members?

Given the project’s size and complexity, we first worked through an extensive research, information architecture, and content strategy phase. Across several months, we audited Catalyst’s website, conducted interviews and led workshops to clarify challenges and opportunities, performed market and audience research, then developed a digital strategy to support Catalyst’s key drivers of value. The result defined how the website would differentiate Catalyst from other business consultancies, detailed publishing workflows and established a plan to build a user experience and technical infrastructure with integrations to deepen member engagement.

Website Design

What's the right balance between academic and inspirational?

We were now ready to transform digital strategy and blueprints into a leading global community for forward-thinking business leaders. Visually, Catalyst’s website is clean and organized to reflect the sensibilities of their community of business leaders, white a vibrant color palette and imagery reflect the diversity of the audiences they serve. A system of over 25 page templates provides a hierarchy that makes it easy for audiences find their way in Catalyst’s vast digital community, while clean, structured typography allows for scanning and makes deep dives into long-form content a pleasure.

Knowledge Center

How do we encourage audiences to explore and engage with data and thought leadership?

Central to Catalyst’s mission is providing resources and thought leadership for the D&I and global business communities. We wove both throughout the site experience, making content available by issue area, research center, expert, geography, and more. Dialogue is encouraged with forums and article commenting. And a knowledge center filled with interactive data visualizations makes Catalyst’s oft-cited research more accessible, shareable, and able to be externally embedded by audiences.

Catalyst’s website organizes and connects their experts, issues, programs, research, and events—creating dynamic relationships between each to help the nonprofit advance its thought leadership and deliver greater insights.

Our Client's Experience

“Catalyst’s partnership with Constructive has been successful for many reasons. They really got to know our organization—our needs, aspirations, and constraints—applying their technical, design, and brand expertise to develop an effective, engaging website. Most importantly, they are a flexible and creative collaborator who asks the right questions so we stay focused on strengthening our strategic positioning.”

Debbie Soon, Senior VP, Strategy & Marketing, Catalyst (Former)
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