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April 13, 2016

Drupal vs. WordPress: Which is the Best Nonprofit Website CMS?

If you are a nonprofit organization and are trying to decide what the best CMS for nonprofit websites is for an upcoming redesign, then there’s no shortage of options. So, with so many choices in CMS, how do you choose which one is right for your project? Are paid, commercial CMS’s like Ektron Episerver or Blackbaud’s ecosystem worth considering? Only if you want the hefty pricetag that comes along with them.

In the world of free, open-source CMS’s, the choices are compelling—led by two of the most popular content management systems for nonprofit organizations, Drupal or WordPress. But what’s the right choice for your website? Well, it depends a lot on what your website needs are and what your team structure is like.

In this webinar replay, Constructive’s technologists take a deep dive on the plusses and minuses of the two most popular options for nonprofit CMS’s—followed by a moderated Q&A discussion at the end.

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