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American jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Digital & Print Design for a Jewish Nonprofit

Founded in 1914, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is one of the world’s largest global aid organizations. Seeking to differentiate themselves from other Jewish-affiliated nonprofits and accurately represent their delivery of non-denominational aid, The JDC asked Constructive to strengthen their branding and communications. We partnered to produce a design system that gives JDC cohesion across their global brand and unique visual identities for regional offices around the world.

Logo Design

Out with the old and in with the new (well, sort of)!

The JDC’s historic logo has existed in different variations since its founding in 1914, serving as the charity’s most visible calling card and a connection to its cultural origins as a Jewish nonprofit. While there was understandable resistance to change such an historic visual identity, everyone agreed that the mark was in need of updating. We designed a logo refresh that retains the organization’s brand equity, exploring logotypes to pair with the JDC’s iconic mark. The result modernized the brand and provided a typographic foundation upon which to build a new identity design system.

Brand Architecture & Design System

Our branding needs to unite & support all our regional offices.

Central to JDC’s rebranding was creating a brand architecture and design system to support the needs of regional offices and numerous sub-brands around the world. The organization operates in very different cultural contexts depending on where they are located—particularly important when representing a Jewish nonprofit globally. Communications staff varies in each region. And programs differ based on the needs of local communities. To support these diverse needs, we created a robust, flexible design system with regional and sub-brand color palettes, type and photography guidelines, editorial standards, and more.

Collateral Design

How can we easily tell which regional office staff represent?

The JDC operates its global headquarters in NYC and multiple regional offices around the world, each of which required their own official communications collateral. To distinguish offices and create organizational cohesion, we designed a suite of stationery that builds on the brand’s color system, giving each regional office a unique identifier that works together for multi-national engagements.

Program & Event Communications

How can we communications help raise awareness & engage audiences?

Supporting global programs and engaging audiences to join events are two of the most essential parts of The JDC’s communications strategy. We designed a suite of program collateral, event announcements and advertising posters that that help raise awareness, elevate issues, and increase community engagement. Built on JDC’s region-specific color palettes, master templates make it easy for regional offices to produce program and event communications that retain each’s individual identity while remaining connected to the JDC master brand.

The JDC’s design system creates cohesion for its global brand while making it easier and more efficient for regional offices to produce strategic communications.

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