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Heising-Simons Foundation

Building a Framework for Dual Language Learners

While dual language learners make up a growing part of California’s young child population, tests and state assessments reveal that these children are at a greater disadvantage in the state’s current education system. California’s Gold report seeks to detail the issues driving these inequities, and explore solutions for overcoming them. The Heising-Simons Foundation contacted Constructive to help create a unique design for both the print and digital version of the California’s Gold report.

Visual Identity

Can we capture youthful energy in a clean, credible way?!

We developed a design direction that combines the youthful exuberance of children’s education with a smart, clean, and structured aesthetic that reinforces the framework’s evidence-based approach. We created illustrations that build a sense of rhythm and extend a cohesive story throughout the report.

Print Report Design

We need a design that keeps readers engaged and inspired.

At over 68 pages in length, it was clear that our design of the print report needed to emphasize consistency and visual interest while maintaining an easy-to-follow structure. Illustrations and a bold, distinguishable color system lent personality and consistency to the report as readers moved through its four key areas for action.

Roadmap One Sheets

Give key audiences the information they need....quickly!

In addition to the full print report, we designed four “Topic Area One Sheets” to quickly provide teachers, community members, activists, and politicians with the information they need. The addition of data visualization and callouts lends further context to the report’s mission, and highlights key takeaways.

Content Strategy & IA

A flexible, yet methodical structure.

We worked with Heising-Simons and the report’s author to develop a structure and layout for California’s Gold. Our team created a robust system of page templates to meet the project’s full range of content and functional needs, delivering room for visual impact and legibility to elevate critical content and calls to action. We structured the report using a flexible grid system that allows information to flow cohesively and effectively throughout the design.

Website Design & Development

Let's bring this report alive online!

Using the same colorful and clean design principles as the longer print report, we designed and developed a microsite to host an abbreviated version of the report online. The digital version brings the report’s illustrations to life, and provides additional fact sheets and resources to readers.

California’s Gold elevates four areas for action that are critical to a high-quality PreK-3rd grade system. If attended to, these areas could significantly advance the education of DLLs and strengthen the state’s early learning system.

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