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World Cocoa Foundation

Global Sustainable Development Nonprofit Branding & Web Design

World Cocoa Foundation is the world leader in cocoa agriculture and communities, conducting research and operating programs that provide education, business skills, and healthcare to farming communities in 4 continents. WCF asked Constructive to rebrand the organization and redesign their website. We then partnered in the coming years to help the organization advance sustainable agriculture and community development so that cocoa can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.


How do we express the impact of the sector's global leader?

We started with brand strategy workshops to deepen understanding of how rebranding could better express mission, the key issues, the communities they serve, and the public-private partnerships that made it all work. New strategic positioning that articulates WCF’s role as a unique leader uniting local communities, governments, NGOs, and the cocoa industry. WCF’s strategy is then visually expressed with a new logo and design system that creates a foundation for visual communications with an iconic mark, classic typography, and color palette that evokes the richness of cocoa and the vitality of agriculture.

World Cocoa Foundation’s design system established the platform and parameters needed to create cohesion and scale communications across digital, print, and events.

Collateral Design

What's needed to support programs and operations?

As an organization that works extensively with international governments and in the field with local communities where internet access is often restricted, print communications play an important role in World Cocoa Foundation’s strategy. And as a major convener of partners across the private and public sector, events are equally important to advancing their mission. Over the years, we developed a system of collateral, presentations, and event materials in multiple languages to effectively engage audiences around the world.

Annual Report

What new developments do we need to share this year?

As a leader that the global cocoa sector turns to, World Cocoa Foundation’s annual report plays an important role in sharing information and giving inspiration with member companies, partner NGOs, and governments. We collaborated with WCF leadership to develop a content strategy and design that more effectively tell their story through their yearly developments and broader history of impact. Bold, visually inviting, and filled with stories, information, and key takeaways, WCF’s annual report speaks to the issues facing the field and brings their mission and impact to the forefront.

Website Design

How can a website balance the priorities of a global audience?

WCF’s website needed to successfully address multiple different priorities—articulating their mission and model, educating about complicated things like sustainable supply chains, connecting audiences to work in far-away places, demonstrating progress, and providing vital resources to the field. Leveraging our brand strategy work, we established priorities, created personas, and architected an experience that relates key issues, geography, programs and more within WCF’s mission framework—then used storytelling, field photography, and impact statistics to make it more tangible.

Together, World Cocoa Foundation’s brand strategy and communications design have transformed how the organization communicates with stakeholders, supports local communities, and partners across sectors to help ensure cocoa sustainability for generations to come.

Our Client's Experience

“Constructive’s work expanding and improving our communications has made an immediate impact—not just with our members and partners, but internally as well. We now project as the influential global organization we are. What stood out immediately is how well they embraced understanding our programs and our mission; then translated it into design and messaging that really differentiate us.”

Bill Guyton, President, World Cocoa Foundation (Former)
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