UnboundEd responsive education website design

UnboundEd Branding & Website

Seeking to accelerate the national movement to close the achievement gap with free, high-quality educational resources and professional development, a team of school leaders and education experts turned to us to help name and launch their organization. The result is a revolution that’s set a new standard for helping educators prepare students to succeed.

Naming & Brand Strategy

With the upcoming school year fast approaching, launching a new organization in time meant we needed to hit the ground running. Our first challenge? Strategically position a brand to reflect the impressive depth of expertise, passion, and potential of its team—and speak clearly to the social justice issues they are committed to addressing. Market research, interviews, and collaborative brand strategy workshops surfaced the insights needed to inform brand naming and brand strategy. UnboundEd was born!

UnboundEd K-12 Education Website Design
UnboundEd K-12 OER Curriculum Database
UnboundEd's website delivers on its brand promise by providing teachers with easy access to a vast library of Standards-aligned open education resources and training materials.
UnboundEd Common Core Lesson Design
UnboundEd K-12 Teacher Professional Development

Responsive Design

A key component of UnboundEd’s digital strategy is a responsive website that makes it easy for teachers and school leaders to access and interact with education resources and training materials. To support the website’s heavily transactional experience, we customized UnboundEd’s advanced search and filtering, and designed its content-heavy pages to be easily accessible by educators, wherever they are.

Our Client's Take

“When UnboundEd partnered with Constructive, we had a strong vision and a passionate team committed to providing standards-aligned materials and learning for teachers and school leaders. But we didn't have a brand, a web presence—or even a name. Constructive dove in to solve these challenges with palpable enthusiasm for our mission. With great expertise in brand strategy and design, they helped us name our organization, develop a brand identity, and build a digital presence that lets us reach educators across the country and provide them with the resources and the support they need to serve all students.”
Kate Gerson, Managing Partner