The Pratt Center for Community Development Branding & Website

A unique college center and community development nonprofit, The Pratt Center needed help designing a new website. Together we used the opportunity to also dive into brand strategy, focus their message, and redesign their branding.

Research & Brand Strategy

While a cluttered, confusing website was The Pratt Center’s most visible challenge, it was just a symptom of deeper confusion about their brand. To help sharpen focus on the things that made the nonprofit a leader in NY’s 5 boroughs, we conducted interviews and brand strategy workshops to explore the The Pratt Center’s history, values, mission, and methods and clarify their influence, importance, and impact.

Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

The Pratt Center’s new logo & visual identity embody the nonprofit’s values, with a monogram infinity loop representing the organization’s commitment to applying democracy, transparency, and collaboration to build more equitable, sustainable urban communities across NY with a coalition of partners in the public, business community, and government.

Pratt Center Brand Guidelines Logo
Pratt Center Brand Guidelines Color
Brand strategy, visual identity design, and brand guidelines embody the organization's values and methods, while laying the foundation for consistency across all branding and communications.
The Pratt Center's website presents a strong brand and a clear point-of-view that demonstrates the nonprofit's role as a community partner, thought-leader, and champion for sustainable and equitable urban communities.
Pratt Center Nonprofit Website Programs Page
Pratt Center Nonprofit Website Research Library

Our Client's Take

“Constructive took the time to understand us, acting as creative experts and organizational advocates. We started with brand strategy and positioning—time well spent pushing us to verbalize the strategy and theory behind our work. Their team was friendly, accessible, and responsive throughout. It’s been a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience.”
Janelle Farris, Director of Operations