ClimateWorks Climate Philanthropy Responsive Website Design

ClimateWorks Foundation
Branding & Website Design

A leading global climate philanthropy, ClimateWorks needed help translating a new strategic plan and operating model into brand strategy, messaging, branding, and website design that would help them better connect with—and more effectively mobilize—the philanthropic community to take up climate action.

Research & Brand Strategy

ClimateWorks sought to translate their new strategic plan and recent research by Hattaway into branding and website design that would better tell their story and act as a catalyst for their mission. We conducted interviews with practice area leaders and program directors; then led brand workshops to establish a strategic foundation for creative exploration—surfacing insights into ClimateWorks goals, strategic relationships, differentiators, and their value to the field.

We partnered with ClimateWorks on a brand strategy to help them engage the philanthropic community, then design an online narrative with data driven-insights that helps deepen audiences' understanding of the issues and opportunities.

Infographics & Data Visualization

As a nonprofit focused heavily on climate policy and research, big data and evidence-based strategies are at the heart of ClimateWorks’ approach. To help them communicate the complexity of the challenges to a wider range of audiences—and how ClimateWorks is helping to address them—their rebranding includes a system of branded illustrations, infographics and data visualizations that provide valuable color and context.

Our Client's Take

“When ClimateWorks engaged Constructive, we were finalizing a complex organizational and strategic transition. With an approach rooted in design thinking, their team brought a sophisticated understanding of the role branding plays in support of organizational strategy—as well as a deep interest in, and commitment to, our mission.”
Jean-Louis Robadey, Director of External Relations