TCTMD medical industry news and education website design

Cardiovascular Research Foundation / Website Design

When the leader in cardiovascular research and education contacted Constructive, they needed a complete overhaul of the industry’s top online destination for interventional cardiovascular medicine, With only six short months until their biggest annual conference, we quickly got to work partnering with CRF to rethink from the inside-out.

Content Strategy & User Experience Design is a medical education and news website for a specialized audience of cardiovscular surgeons that relies heavily on ad revenue and subscriptions to fund operations. A top priority therefore was to expose users interested in one type of information to related content in other departments—extending visits and and delivering greater value to CRF and their audience. An integrated content taxonomy and page template system displays a breadth of relevant options without over-stuffing pages to ensure a great reading experience.

TCTMD Medical News Website UX Design
Visual Branding & Logo Design

Alongside digital strategy and UX design, our design team partnered with CRF on a rebranding for TCTMD—building a visual foundation for the website and for TCTMD’s print and event marketing. TCTMD’s new identity design system integrates with CRF’s parent brand while supporting a scalable architecture for TCTMD sub-brands. The results modernize TCTMD’s brand and provides the structure needed to ensure brand consistency across all communications in different media and venues.

TCTMD Logo, Branding & Visual Identity delivers premium medical educational content, making an encyclopedic volume of information for the cardiology sector more accessible, easy to explore, and useful.
Technology Strategy & System Development

During technical strategy we established clear requirements to architect a platform capable of evolving with TCTMD’s needs over time. The website’s backend is built in Drupal 8 to maximize longevity and support a large number of complex technical integrations. Advanced features such as Single-Sign-On, centralized user management, external video content, automated slide presentation processing, and robust SOLR search & filtering are all part of a scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services, with automated deployments, elastic scaling, healing, notification, and more.

TCTMD Technology Strategy & System Development

Responsive Design

TCTMD’s core audience of medical professionals is notorious for its reliance on mobile devices—a point that was driven home throughout our design research and planning phase. Being such a content-heavy website, we made sure’s valuable content was as useful as possible by designing, testing, and refining a responsive design that prioritizes legibility and navigability.

Our Client's Take

““Constructive completely understood the challenges we were facing in our space. Instead of just having one person who was familiar with our project, their entire team was fully invested in making our success be theirs, and vice versa. They were fully available to us throughout the process, often going above-and-beyond to make sure our launch was successful. We didn’t feel like we hired a company to perform a website redesign, but rather found a partner to work with us and bring our vision to life.””
Stephanie Gutch, Director of TCTMD/CRF digital