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October 4, 2022

Constructive Partners with Language Preservation Nonprofit Saving Over 3400 Languages

We’re so proud to announce a new partnership in languages and preservation with the Endangered Languages Project, an organization that places language preservation in the hands of their speakers and provides resources for languages threatened with extinction. We are partnering with the Endangered Languages Project on a website redesign project that will create cohesion between their brand and digital presence to foster the sharing, teaching, and protection of over 3400 vanishing languages. This project will make the Endangered Languages Project’s host of free language resources even more accessible to their language partners and better serve their community of native speakers and linguists. 

We’re so excited to be working on this web design project with the Endangered Languages Project, and to add ELP to our ongoing partnerships with research nonprofits who foster knowledge sharing and preservation for both laymen and experts. Whether it’s comparing equity and patient care across hospitals, cultivating the next generation of data scientists, or measuring the costs of climate change, our partners continue to make meaningful differences in their research across their sectors.

About the Endangered Languages Project

The Endangered Languages Project works in collaboration with a number of language preservation experts to document, preserve, and teach over 3400 languages at risk of disappearing. Through their website, users can access resources provided by partners and experts, upload their own resources, and connect with other experts or learners through external groups to share knowledge. Founded by Google and managed by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council and the Endangered Languages Catalogue team at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, the Endangered Languages Project supports and celebrates linguistic diversity as well as the inextricable link between culture and language.

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