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August 2, 2023

St. David’s Foundation Launches New Website and Brand

Constructive is excited to announce that our partners at St. David’s Foundation, a leader in advancing health equity in Central Texas, have launched their new website with a revitalized brand to match.

St. David’s Foundation is one of the largest health foundations in the United States. The organization works to build a vibrant, inclusive community where every individual can reach their full potential. By combining intentional, strategic grant-making with responsive, community- based programs, St. David’s Foundation brings resources, relationships, and expertise together to achieve health equity throughout five Central Texas counties.

To advance the organization’s impact and better articulate their vision for the future, the St. David’s Foundation team partnered with Constructive to create a vibrant, expressive, hopeful brand. The most notable update is the addition of the star – a nod to the Lone Star State with. five distinctive colors that represent the counties the Foundation serves in Central Texas.

St. David’s Foundation understands the complex, interconnected nature of health equity—and that achieving it requires a system of health that is informed by and responsive to the needs of all in the community. The organization’s new website is designed to be accessible and responsive to St. David’s digital audiences, reaching grantees and partners as well as parents and school administrations.

Constructive’s team is proud of our work with the organization to co-create an uplifting, inspiring brand and website with an ultimate goal of amplifying the critical impact of St. David’s Foundation.

Check out St. David’s Foundation’s new website and branding here.

More About St. David’s Foundation

St. David’s Foundation is a community-focused and equity-driven organization supporting health and well-being in five Central Texas counties. As one of the largest health Foundations in the United States, the Foundation funds over $80 million to advance health equity through investment and action. The organization is committed to catalyzing transformational work to improve systems and conditions as they work to build a healthier community.

More on our Partnership with St. David’s Foundation

In addition to our work with the St. David’s Foundation team to refresh their website and brand, Constructive also partnered with the organization to bring their 2022 community update to life. To capture the organization’s impact and articulate their vision for the future, we worked alongside the St. David’s Foundation team to create a digital impact report that was uplifting, shareable, and accessible.

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