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September 26, 2016

Redstone Strategy Group Launches Redesigned Website

Continuing Constructive’s concentration in web design for social-impact organizations, Constructive is proud to announce the launch of Redstone Strategy Group’s redesigned website.

Social problems are complex and persistent. Redstone Strategy Group helps philanthropies, nonprofits, and governments solve the world’s most urgent social problems. They work with clients to analyze, design, and execute six strategies that in combination can make real progress:

  • Partnerships
    A complex problem can be solved with the right partners. Healthy partnerships thrive on smart process and honesty about incentives.
  • Grantmaking
    Societies are dynamic and good grantmaking is, too. Dynamism requires grant craft and monitoring and evaluation that enable swift changes in course.
  • Policy & Politics
    Policy has enormous power to shape society. The competition is fierce, and often civil society is outspent. Tactical savvy and technical knowledge can produce smarter policy.
  • Service Delivery
    High-quality services can empower people. Analysis can help identify what works, and practical planning can help scale impact with scarce resources.
  • Research
    Knowledge in the right hands can transform society. The impact of research depends on a deep understanding of who will use it and how.
  • Impact Investing
    Well-designed investments open new opportunities to scale services, transform markets, and inform policy. Good design depends on understanding impact.
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