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November 30, 2016

Matthew Schwartz to Conduct Master Class at Web of Change 2016

Constructive’s Founder, Matthew Schwartz, has been asked to present Designing Brand Experience in the Digital Age as a Master Class at the Web of Change 2016 conference, taking place at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California from November 28th through December 2nd.

Designing Brand Experience in the Digital Age
A brand is a powerful expression of a social change organization’s mission and values, and a key strategic asset that is central to its very success. But how are today’s social change brands experienced? And how do we bridge the gap between online engagement and real-world impact? To better fulfill their missions, social impact organizations must create meaningful experiences that cross the digital divide, applying a strategic combination of branding, design, and technology to clearly communicate their value, deepen dialogue, and strengthen engagement—both internally and with the world. When our goals are as ambitious as addressing climate change, social justice, or intergenerational poverty, we need more than just good user experiences, we need meaningful brand experiences.

  • How social change brands create value
  • How brands are experienced
  • The role of websites in executing organizational strategy
  • How to build a mission-driven brand strategy
  • How to use brand strategy to drive the online experience.

Web of Change is an annual conference and series of events for the foremost thinkers and doers in social media, digital strategy and social change. Web of Change conference alumni are responsible for some of the most innovative digital work on the planet and make waves inside groups like Greenpeace,,, National Council of La Raza and the SEIU. Web of Change events and programs form a powerful network and help alumni do the transformative work of creating a better tomorrow.

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