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March 14, 2016

Join Constructive at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference!

If you’re planning on attending the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference, taking place from March 23-25 in San Jose, California, you’ll have multiple opportunities to see us discussing what we’re most passionate about!

First, Matt and Ian will be sharing insights on the 4 Strategic Foundations of Effective Websites with conference attendees during a panel discussion selected in a community-driven process, consisting of a review of 437 proposed sessions with nearly 1,700 votes and 700+ comments. See them on Wednesday, March 23 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm in Salon IV!

Also selected by the NTEN community was Ian’s presentation, Tell the Developers the Story! Ian will explore why letting the developers in on the the big picture of an organization’s mission as early as possible is the best great way to create an environment in which they can share the enthusiasm, vision, ownership, and care for what’s being built, and understand how their work will result in a better product that drives greater social impact. You can see him on Thursday, March 24 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm in Room 212B. Also, keep an eye out for Ian’s Ignite Talk, where he will be presenting My Serendipitous Career: It Wasn’t Random Drift After All.

NTEN is a membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals whose members share the common goal of helping nonprofits use all aspects of technology more effectively, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information. NTEN connects members to each other, providing professional development opportunities, educating on issues of technology use in nonprofits, and spearheading groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on technology issues.

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