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February 6, 2024

Digital Inquiry Group Launches New Brand & Website

Constructive is proud to announce that our partners at the Digital Inquiry Group, “DIG,” have launched their new brand and website. 

Founded at Stanford by Professor Sam Wineburg in 2002, DIG has equipped teachers and students with research-based history education curricula and digital literacy tools. With more than 14 million curriculum downloads, in 2022, DIG sought to expand its impact as a nonprofit independent from its Stanford home. Transitioning from their original name Stanford History Education Group to DIG, the organization partnered with Constructive to reimagine their mission, vision, brand, and website for their next chapter.  

With tremendous equity in their existing brand, DIG worked closely with our team to dive deeply into their audiences’ experiences to understand the value people saw in the organization. Together with the DIG team, we explored their brand’s mission, vision, positioning, messaging, voice, and more to redefine how DIG shows up for its audiences in a way that’s authentic to their past and affords them the room to grow their brand and impact.  

Together, we created a brand that’s helping DIG expand access to their transformative resources—and, as a result, strengthen our democracy with better informed, more engaged, and empowered communities.

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