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September 19, 2014

Constructive Selected Design Partner by International Institute for Sustainable Development

Continuing Constructive’s concentration in branding and design for organizations addressing climate change and sustainability, Constructive is proud to announce our selection as an interactive design partner by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. Constructive will collaborate with the nonprofit on a creation of a website for the State of Sustainability Initiatives Review.

The State of Sustainability Initiatives Review provides a bird’s-eye view of market and performance trends across 16 of the most prevalent standards initiatives operating across ten different commodity sectors. It is hoped that the ensuing data and analysis, when read in conjunction with the growing body of field-level impact data, will allow supply chain decision-makers to strengthen their own strategic decision-making processes in ways that provide optimal sustainable development impact.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development is a Canadian-based, international public policy research institute for sustainable development. IISD has chosen to focus on topics that are ripe for transformation—where a shift in policy has the potential to snowball and, before too long, to change the nature of the game. Because they aim to make a difference in how policy is crafted and implemented, they translate the research insight into practical, realistic and cost-effective policy options that can be taken up by policy-makers at all levels.

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