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October 19, 2023

Constructive Partners Teaching Matters & The Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit Awarded with Two w3 Awards

Our team is excited to announce that Constructive has won two Silver w3 Awards for our work with Teaching Matters and the Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit. Teaching Matters won in the Education category and the Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit won in the Health Category. 

For the past 18 years, the w3 Awards has sought to elevate creative excellence on the web, and this year, Constructive earned two awards for our web design and development.

The w3 Awards receive thousands of entries from across the globe—entries that are judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). Winners are evaluated based on a standard of excellence determined by the professionals in the AIVA. 

Teaching Matters

Working with Teaching Matters, the team at Constructive wanted to build a website and brand that communicated the joy of teaching and make excellent resources available for every educator.

Teaching Matters has a noble goal of ensuring excellent teaching for every student. To reach that goal, the organization works to provide excellent coaching for every teacher. Teaching Matters works with schools to enrich professional learning with evidence-based, culturally responsive coaching and resources. 

Constructive began working with Teaching Matters to make the organization and its incredible breadth of resources more accessible to educators. The organization’s new website, which launched in June 2023, serves as a digital hub for educators and administrators looking to access excellent resources and coaching. 

We’re proud of our partnership with the Teaching Matters team, and we’re excited to see their important work recognized in the w3 Awards. 

The Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit

In our partnership with the team at the Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit, Constructive sought to help switch the script on the messaging surrounding hospice, palliative, and serious illness care. Together, we built an actionable toolkit that can help healthcare providers, professionals, and experts use research-backed, patient-centric messaging.

Not everyone who could benefit from serious illness care receives that care. In order to change that, the Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit provides inclusive messaging that addresses a more realistic diversity of needs and ability in the serious illness care space. With downloadable resources, quick guides, and open access messages, the toolkit aims to usher in a new era of serious illness communications and care.  

Constructive began working with the team at the Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit to turn their years of research and interviews into an easily accessible digital messaging hub. We’re proud of our work with the team to switch the script on serious illness care messaging, and we’re happy to see their work recognized in the w3 Awards. 

More on Constructive

For more than 20 years, Constructive has helped our partners advance meaningful social change. With our team of branding, design, strategy, and development experts, we look forward to continuing to work with nonprofit leaders advancing solutions for the climate and environment, healthcare, education, social justice, and more. 

More on The w3 Awards

The w3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web, recognizing the people behind innovative websites, marketing campaigns, apps, and podcasts. In 2005, the w3 Awards became the first major digital competition accessible to leading agencies, small firms, and every organization in between. In its latest season, the w3 Awards received thousands of entries from across the globe. 

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