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December 12, 2023

Constructive Partner The Climate Trust Launches New Brand & Website

Constructive is excited to announce that our partners at The Climate Trust, a leader in advancing climate solutions through land stewardship, have launched their new website and brand

The Climate Trust is one of the oldest carbon entities in the United States and one of the most trusted experts in carbon offset development and funding. For more than 25 years, the organization has worked alongside partners who steward everything from Tribal forests to family ranches to help them reach their long-term land management goals and generate revenue through carbon credits. Throughout its years of advancing climate forward land stewardship, The Climate Trust has established itself as a trusted voice in carbon markets, conservation, and forestry. 

The Climate Trust has always operated under the belief that the land we depend on holds cultural, familial, civic, and historical significance. In 2022, the organization embarked on a new strategic plan that sought to center that belief and accelerate The Climate Trust’s commitment to honoring our natural world and preserving the promise of our future through good land stewardship. Led by Executive Director Julius Pasay, the Climate Trust engaged Constructive as a partner to help build a revitalized brand and website that aligned with the organization’s new strategic direction. 

The Climate Trust, in its strategic plan, charted the organization’s path forward through a shifting climate and land ownership ecosystem. The strategic plan elevates a commitment to innovation and excellence as well as building relationships with underrepresented or marginalized landowners. 

Together, The Climate Trust and Constructive’s partnership has produced a brand that honors and centers its partners and the good land stewardship that they enable. The Climate Trust’s new logo conveys a sense of expertise, credibility, and trust, with rounded corners to reflect the brand’s organic and human rootedness. The brand’s refreshed verbal language, mission, and vision, center around the organization’s commitment to championing good land stewardship for a better climate future. 

Building off of the Climate Trust’s new visual and verbal identity, the organization’s website is designed to welcome users and unite the land steward community. Building on the brand’s history, the website elevates The Climate Trust’s new mission, features the people and land owners in the community, and shows the benefits of a partnership that advances conservation and climate stewardship.

We’re proud of our work with The Climate Trust to advance land stewardship, carbon offsets, and climate solutions. Learn more about the organization, its commitments, and its new website


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