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September 16, 2016

Constructive Named One of the Best U.S. Creative Agencies for 2016

Constructive has been selected as one of the Top Creative Agencies of 2016 by Clutch, a Washington DC-based research company that identifies leading strategic and creative professional services firms from around the United States.

“Each agency sets itself apart in its ability to deliver unique, fresh projects that continually change the market,” said Christian Louzan, Analyst at Clutch in a press release. “Creative agencies are especially unique in that they offer a highly diverse set of services – everything from branding to web design.”

To identify top firms, Clutch employs a research algorithm that takes a number of factors into account when determining a company’s rank, including: client base and previous work, market presence, and the single most important factor in the rating algorithm – client feedback. We are also honored to be listed among the top New York City branding agencies and top national branding agencies for the second year in a row.

When Clutch asked what set Constructive apart from other creative / branding agencies they had worked with in the past, a client from a large research university said: “From my experience, a lot of firms aren’t calibrated to the core mission of higher education and nonprofit. For many of us, this is about a greater purpose, in that we want to bring new research to life, we want to create higher knowledge and learning for greater and greater numbers of people. There’s a real sense with Constructive that that’s their mission too.”

Clutch’s research on Constructive and our company profile is available here.

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