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7 Resources to Support the LGBTQ+ Community in the Workplace

We Hope Everybody had a Great Pride Month! And in honor of pride we have put together this Constructively Curated with some great resources about LGBTQ+ history, communications, design, and workplace inclusion.

We believe it’s important each and every person feels respected and valued inside and outside their workplace—regardless of their gender or sexual identity. As communications and design professionals we should be actively working to make sure our words and designs capture these values and in no way contribute to negative stereotyping or rhetoric. As social impact professionals, it is also vital we’re  approaching LGBTQ+ advocacy in a way that’s validating, respectful, and inclusive. We hope you find these resources helpful and engaging. Pride month may only come around once a year but pride and allyship themselves are boundless.

Milestones in the American Gay Rights Movement

If you’re looking for a brief history on the push for LGBTQ+ rights in America, take a look at this timeline put together by PBS. From Stonewall to the repeal of “Dont Ask, Don’t Tell” and beyond, it outlines many of the major milestones that have been achieved by the gay right’s movement from 1924 up to 2015.

The Art of Logo and Print Design from a Queer Perspective

The LGBTQ+ community has not only a rich history of symbols and visuals, but a wide-spanning aesthetic that can make for amazing and eye-catching graphic design. In this brief style guide, Jamahl Johnson outlines ways businesses can approach design with an LGBTQ+ audience in mind from his own queer perspective.

Understanding the Power of Communications Techniques in the Marriage Equality Movement

In this keynote talk, Evan Wolfson discusses his marriage equality work as founder of the Freedom to Marry organization credited with leading to the landmark 2015 Supreme Court decision. He focuses on the way communications research/techniques made the Freedom to Marry campaign a success—watch the whole talk at the video linked.

How to do Better for Trans Employees

In this podcast episode, Fast Company editor Kathleen Davis has a conversation about the importance of trans worker rights with Gabriel Arkles, the senior counsel at the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. The two discuss the challenges of being trans in the workplace & how employers and allies can help.

A Media Reference Guide to Lead your Storytelling

This media reference guide put together by GLAAD outlines ways journalists and media professionals can accurately and inclusively speak about LGBTQ+ people and experiences. From terminology to discussion of LGBTQ+ issues (and more), this guide is comprehensive yet extensive.

A Library of Stock Photos Beyond the Binary

This library is an amazing place to look for resources if you want to present genuine and representative media along with your words. In this free stock photo collection from Vice, you can find photos of multiple non-binary and trans models living their unique and authentic lives with friends, in the workplace, and more.

How to be more Inclusive for your LGBTQ+ Employees

This short read includes five steps workplaces can take to ensure they’re fostering an inclusive and discrimination free space for their LGBTQ+ workers. From hiring processes to professional development and inclusive healthcare coverage, there are many opportunities to increase focus on making your company welcoming to all.


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