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Sikh Coaltion

Social & Legal Justice Website Design to Advance Sikh Rights

Founded in the aftermath of 9/11, Sikh Coalition is the leading social justice advocacy and legal services nonprofit serving America’s Sikh population. The Coalition needed a digital strategy to better engage their community, amplify their advocacy, increase donations, and generate concrete action. They asked Constructive to partner with them to create a new online presence that would serve as a powerful hub of its outreach and its operations—and better serve Sikhs across America as a result.

Content Strategy & UX Design

How can we structure content to strategically direct audiences?

Like other civil rights nonprofits like the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League, The Sikh Coalition provides a range of programmatic work—from legal services, education, and advocacy, to media outreach and community empowerment. Our digital strategy focused on placing the Sikh Coalition’s work into greater social and cultural context. We strategically organized their content to direct users towards high-value resources and opportunities to take action. On the backend, CRM, donation, and digital marketing systems are elegantly integrated to support critical operations.

Design Direction

How can we use tradition to inspire a fresh design direction?

When deciding on a design direction for the Sikh Coalition’s new website, we took inspiration from Sikh religious tradition. Orange and navy blue are both traditional Sikh colors, respectively representing wisdom and protection. Using these traditional colors as a guide, we designed a modern, flexible palette with primary and complementary shades. The combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces chosen similarly reflects our contemporary, clean approach to tradition.

Website Design & Development

How can the experience speak to both history and activism?

We extended our newly developed visual identity to the Sikh Coalition’s website. In line with our approach to previous steps, the website’s aesthetic combines a contemporary digital design with nuanced textures and design treatments. The result is a bold brand experience that speaks to the civil-rights organization’s activist and community organizing roots, pays tribute to Sikh cultural identity, and encourages user involvement and action.

The Sikh Coalition website inspires audiences and deepens engagement by supporting their community, educating people about Sikh culture and issues, and mobilizing people by delivering concrete calls to action.

Our Client's Experience

“We needed a partner who knew how to communicate social impact, elicit support, and generate action. We also needed flexibility so we wouldn’t have to ask our firm to make every little change, but with guardrails to preserve our website’s design. And we wanted a stable, friendly CMS to make it easy for more people on our team to update content. Everyone at Constructive was deeply invested in the work we do and in our success. The results have made a difference and have blown away all of our audiences!”

Satjeet Kaur, Executive Director, Sikh Coalition
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