Yale climate change communications responsive design

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication Branding & Website

A preeminent voice on the science behind public climate awareness, attitudes, policy, and behavior, the Yale Program for Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) called on Constructive to develop brand strategy plus an integrated visual identity and website to transition the organization to a digital-first publishing strategy for long-form online reports.


Logo & Identity Design

After conducting brand strategy workshops to develop a strategic positioning & messaging platform that differentiates YPCCC in an increasingly crowded space, we designed a new logo and visual identity encapsulating it. Reflecting YPCCC’s commitment to scientific rigor in the climate change communications field, banded segments referencing data visualization form a speech bubble, while creating a broader system of brand colors that supports the data-heavy communications in which YPCCC specializes.

Publishing Workflows & Long-Form Content Strategy

Critical to success for YPCCC was how effectively the system running the website streamlined their cumbersome report publishing process. To transition Yale’s team to HTML-first publishing, we developed a hybrid publishing system that delivers great flexibility and efficiency by supporting both HTML and PDF publishing workflows. Report summary pages deliver at-a-glance takeaways, with full HTML-based reports making Yale’s long-form content far more shareable, searchable, and valuable. PDF versions of reports complement HTML ones for offline reading and printing. The result is device- and format-agnostic content that caters to the content preferences of Yale’s audience.

YPCCC Education Website Home
YPCCC Education Research Data Visualization Report
YPCCC needed a website to support their extensive libraries of publications and data visualizations to keep users engaged and up-to-date on the latest trends in this quickly evolving space.
YPCCC Education Climate Publications Hub
YPCCC Climate Communications Website

Icon System

As part of YPCCC’s brand identity design system, we developed a suite of program-specific icons for their six individual areas of study in climate communications science. The color-coded suite of icons  speed recognition of content categories throughout Yale’s website, establishing a clear visual system that’s extended across online and print communications.

Our Client's Take

“We originally engaged Constructive to develop a new website, and decided to involve them more broadly with branding and design. They dedicated a full team of experts to the relationship, starting with brand strategy and culminating in a new logo and website. Thanks to Constructive’s skills (and patience!), our online home is easy to navigate, efficiently and beautifully ordered, and crisply and clearly communicates who we are.”
Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, Director, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication