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Foundation for the Public's Health
Branding & Website

When the National Association of County and City Health Officials was faced with an aggressive timeline to announce the creation of a new public health philanthropy, they needed to quickly establish its identity, communicate its mission and vision, and design a website to raise awareness and support fundraising.

Brand Strategy & Research

Needing to launch a new philanthropy in 4 brief months, we quickly partnered to develop brand strategy and messaging to help give voice to the Foundation’s purpose and mission. We led collaborative branding workshops to help NACCHO‘s executive team speak to the issues, communicate its theory of change, advocate for the public health sector, and demonstrate FPH’s role in advancing collective impact.

Branding & Case for Investment

With a clear brand strategy in place, we explored logo design concepts, creating a visual identity that speaks to the Foundation’s focus on advancing community-driven public health initiatives. To help support NACCHO’s fundraising efforts, we developed a Case Statement brochure that leverages FPH’s brand positioning and messaging to make a clear, compelling case to funders for investment.

NACCHO Public Health Brand Handbook
Foundation for the Public's Health Messaging
Public Health Nonprofit Case Statement
NACCHO Public Health Nonprofit Investment Case
By building brand strategy and communications design around FPH's strategic operating plan, audience's brand experiences are focused on the mission, how the philanthropy is working to advance it, and why their participation is so vital.
Public Health Nonprofit Website Theory of Change
Public Health Foundation Web Design Donation Page
Public Health Foundation Responsive Web Design

Our Client's Take

“Working with Constructive was the best strategic decision we could have made. They don’t just go through the steps—they’re a true partner. They push you. They give—and take—constructive criticism. And they share your passion. Constructive’s team never says "your" project. For them, it's "our" project—and it shows in the quality of their work.”
Paul Yeghiayan, President & CEO