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National Head Start Association Website Design & Branding

An untiring advocate for effective education policy and practices that help all children reach their full potential, NHSA needed to translate a new strategic plan into website design and branding that would strengthen their mission, support their members, and increase their impact.

Research & Digital Strategy

A 50th anniversary and the development of a new strategic plan offered the ideal opportunity for National head Start Association to evaluate and update its brand. Our engagement process started with brand research and collaborative brand strategy workshops to clarify NHSA’s mission, values, roles, and relationships—using the insights gained as a foundation for the nonprofit’s re-branding and new website.

NHSA needed a more user-friendly website to help it share stories, knowledge, and research with educators and policy leaders, and provide tools and resources to support members, families, and the children's education field.

Logo & Identity Design

Our website design process began with a logo and identity redesign of NHSA’s iconic mark, which we then used to inform the user experience. We developed a new system of brand colors and typography, updating NHSA’s brand to project as a forward-facing leader, innovator, and a social justice advocate for equal access to high quality education.

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NHSA’s new website provides a home for educators and families to come together—creating a community of learning and advancement that is united in its commitment to ensure every child receives the education and opportunities to realize their full potential.
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