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Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute Website Design

The national leader for the direct care workforce, PHI represents thousands of professionals who care for America’s elderly and disabled. They asked Constructive to rethink their dense, confusing website and create an online brand experience that embodies PHI’s mission and the many ways they advance it.

Establishing a Strategic Plan for Action

PHI is a complex organization that’s engaged in multiple facets of the direct care sector, from research and policy advocacy to education and professional development. And while their team shares a common mission, each practice area has very different audiences and needs. To get everyone pulling in the same direction, we began with market research and collaborative workshops—segmenting audiences and defining high-priority goals to create a digital strategy that aligns PHI’s brand, content, design, and technology to deliver on their brand promise.

Focusing the Brand…and the User Experience

PHI’s website is incredibly content-heavy, filled with organizational information, deep dives into issues, research, reports, visualizations and data tools. Described by staff as “fragmented,” the site not only suffered from common usability problems, it also failed to clearly communicate PHI’s mission, their areas of expertise, and how it all tied together at the local, state, and national levels to make a difference. We united PHI’s silos with a site structure that organizes issue areas, geography, and services within the bigger mission—delivering content, experiences, and calls-to-action that target each of PHI’s audiences.

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Designing for Emotion & Impact

To advance its mission, PHI must connect with sophisticated issue area experts and policy leaders, while also raising awareness within the broader public of critical issues facing the direct care workforce. We designed an experience that balances emotional impact with the rational appeal that PHI’s rigorous research, data, and analysis require. The result is a vibrant, structured website that caters to long-form reading—encouraging deeper engagement with PHI’s content, and a deeper connection to their brand.

Healthcare Policy Nonprofit Website Design
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The Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute website delivers a wealth of expertise, insights, and resources on the direct care workforce, successfully positioning their brand as the national leader on a vitally important segment of American society.
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Designed for an Audience on the Move

As a critical resource and advocate for direct care professionals, PHI’s website needed to deliver exceptional experiences to people who use phones as their primary source to go online. Our design approach delivers a highly customized responsive website that’s catered to screens of all sizes, with mobile-first navigation and layouts that make accessing and reading content easy on phones and tablets.

Our Client's Take

“We hired Constructive to help us develop a digital strategy and design a website that effectively positions PHI with a diversity of audiences. Their work is both emotional and organized—expressing why we are unique in our field, while helping audiences connect with our organization. Working with their team was such a great experience, and the results of the work have completely transformed how people perceive us.”
Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy