Visualize Your Data and Put it to Good Use

We turn raw data into beautiful visual content and engaging experiences that help nonprofits and higher education simplify the complex, make research more accessible, and focus on the facts.

Data Visualization

With so much data out there, the challenge is putting it to good use. We work to understand the underlying meaning of your data—its context, relationships, scale, and potential bias—then design visualizations that make it more accessible, memorable, and actionable.


Maps can tell us a lot more than just how to get places. We use geographic information to paint a bigger picture—helping audiences identify points of interest, drill-down for details, and identify trends to deliver the depth and context needed for greater understanding.


Infographics are a powerful way to make complex ideas and information more appealing and easier to understand. We unite expertise in data design and visual storytelling to illustrate informative narratives that get your points across and make sure they’re memorable.

Index Design & Dashboards

Social index design harnesses volumes of diverse data and establishes the common measurements needed for comparative insights. We design indices, data tools, and dashboards that create empirical context, make information accessible, and help people put it to use.