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Hi, I'm Titania.

I’m Constructive’s Senior Strategist, where I collaborate with our partners and team to create inclusive designed experiences that are of service to the world and informed by lived experience.

Q: What's one thing you won't learn from my bio?

I have lived and worked in five continents—just need to find a project in Antarctica and my punch card will be filled!

Titania Veda is a service design and content strategy expert, educator, and speaker, bringing over a decade of experience to her work in social impact sector. As Constructive’s Senior Strategist, she develops social impact brands that are led by diversity and equity to be responsive to the needs of communities and people with lived experience. Prior to joining Constructive, Titania has worked as a Content Strategist, Experience Designer, and Strategy Director with organizations such as the Innovation Office of the City of Austin, Purpose, Endeavor, and the Inclusive Design Research Center (IDRC). She earned her Masters in Human Computer Interaction & Design from the University of Washington. Titania also coaches female social entrepreneurs and has been a visiting lecturer on inclusive design for various university programs, including University of Toronto and University of Texas, Austin.

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