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Hello! This is Quinton.

I’m a Senior Developer here at Constructive! I focus on the development of backend and frontend website software, and some system operations.

Q: What's one thing you won't learn from my bio?

Gotta' game, gotta' ride a bike, gotta' hike, and gotta' nap!

Quinton is a veteran WordPress developer who has been developing websites since 2000. He works full-stack, combining expertise in front- and back-end implementations to develop lean, integrated websites and CMS tools. Quinton is an expert developer who is fluent working in HTML5, CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Prior to joining Constructive, Quinton worked as a developer with several firms, and as a technology support and training professional, experience he applies as one of Constructive’s client training and support leads. In addition, he works with Linux system operations for web deployments.

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