Constructive & The Communication Network Team Up for Digital Content Webinar

Join Constructive’s Founder & Director of Strategy Matthew Schwartz, Design Director Senongo Akpem, and The Communications Network for Engage! Persuade! Motivate!: Maximizing Impact With Digital Content on Thursday, July 20, from 2pm – 3pm EST. In this webinar, you’ll gain insights into strategies and techniques that will transform how your organization produces and delivers content online, converting your website visitors into readers and website visits into journeys.

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This webinar will explore:

  • The principles of content-centric design
  • Design’s role in increasing credibility and persuasion
  • How to organize & present content for greater clarity  
  • How to create greater context & deeper meaning for audiences
  • How to deliver memorable takeaways and encourage longer reads
  • How to produce flexible content that can be reused across channels

The Communications Network is made up of leaders from the world’s most influential and consequential nonprofits and foundations who share a common belief: organizations that communicate well are more effective at advancing their missions, improving lives, and delivering change.