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September 14, 2017

Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago Launches AQLI

At Constructive, we’re committed to partnering with social change brands to design experiences that translate organizational strategy into impact and action.  Our work with Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago (EPIC) is no exception.  This week, EPIC launched the Air Quality-Life Index (AQLI). The interactive tool, published in Quartz, presents the harmful effects of air pollution on countries’ average life expectancy, reflecting how many years individuals could stand to lose based on their region’s air quality. Needless to say, the data is alarming, but we’re proud to have helped EPIC present the results to the public in the hopes of mitigating the environmental health risks our world is facing.

The AQLI is the third complex data-driven visualization map that we’ve designed and developed as of late. Other ventures include partnerships with Climate Impact Lab and the Climate Impact Lab Index, as well as the Yale Environmental Performance IndexThe Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago is confronting the global energy challenge by working to ensure that energy markets provide access to reliable, affordable energy, while limiting environmental and social damages. To do this, they use a unique interdisciplinary approach translating robust, data-driven research into real-world impacts through strategic outreach and training for the next generation of global energy leaders.

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