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July 1, 2014

Constructive Selected Design Partner by The ClimateWorks Foundation

Continuing Constructive’s concentration in branding and design for organizations addressing climate change and sustainability, Constructive is proud to announce our selection as the branding interactive and branding design partner by The ClimateWorks Foundation. Constructive will collaborate with the philanthropic nonprofit on brand messaging and strategy, and integrated website design and communications design.

The ClimateWorks Foundation supports public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity. ClimateWorks partners with an international network of affiliated organizations to support smart policies in the geographic regions and economic sectors that have the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The network’s goal is to inspire adoption of effective policies to limit annual global greenhouse gas emissions to 44 billion metric tons by the year 2020 (a reduction of 17 billion metric tons, or about 25 percent below business-as-usual projections), and 35 billion metric tons by the year 2030 (50 percent below projections).

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