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Field Notes

Finding Hope in the Work of Our Partners

During our weekly virtual team happy hour, we’ve been swapping stories about how each of our neighborhoods are responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In Hoboken, colored pieces of ribbon or paper hang from front doors to indicate the health of the people inside. Front lawns in a small NJ suburb are speckled with signs thanking health care workers. In Manhattan, otherwise deserted blocks erupt with applause every night at 7 pm to thank the essential workers keeping the city safe. These community rituals remind us that even in the face of an unprecedented global crisis, moments of hope, gratitude, and connection persist. 

Here at Constructive, it also makes us think about the many public health organizations we’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. COVID-19 has exposed countless weaknesses in our nation’s health and economic system, most notably high costs and the number of uninsured people. For many working in the public health sector, none of these weaknesses came as a surprise. These are the challenges that have motivated their mission for years.

Now feels like as good a time as any to express our deep gratitude for the public health organizations we’ve partnered with, and to highlight their work in response to the crisis.

The Commonwealth Fund

What they do: For over 100 years, the Commonwealth Fund has worked to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare for over 100 years.

COVID Response: The Commonwealth Fund is publishing reports, research, and resources related to COVID-19 and our healthcare system. 

The Paraprofessionals Healthcare Institute (PHI)

What they do: PHI supports America’s direct care workforce by promoting quality jobs as the foundation for quality care.

COVID Response: Older communities are at a higher risk for developing COVID-19. The workers primarily responsible for caring for our older neighbors, direct care workers, are on the frontline of this pandemic every day. PHI has been publishing resources and collecting information from members of their network to assist this vital workforce.

Other Response Efforts from Our Partners

The Weizmann Institute is funding scientific research on the virus, and sharing resources and updates .

The Legal Aid Society is open remotely and helping clients cope with legal fallout from the crisis, as well as providing assistance with unemployment and CARES Act Benefits.

The National Headstart Association is publishing resources for parents.

As the days continue to feel more like months, we hope you’ll take heart in the work from our partners and so many more organizations around the world working to fight this virus, and create a more equitable world on the other side. We sure are.

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